Friday, December 15, 2017

Need A Cup Of Coffee? Your Chevy Has An App For That

St. Louisans spend an average of 47 minutes on the road to and from their jobs daily. While that’s a few minutes below the national average, almost an hour of your day on the road adds up after a while.

GM has committed to making your commute as simple as possible not only through comfortable, fuel-efficient vehicles, but through technological features as well as developing Marketplace.

Marketplace is a unique feature on your vehicle’s dash which allows you to order a variety of both food and other goods with the press of a button. You can order a fresh cup of coffee, pick up a bite from the drive-thru or schedule a nicer reservation for a big event, and even find the nearest gas station should you find yourself running low.

The purpose of market place is simple, to build a stronger bond between consumers and their trusted brands while taking the stress off their daily drives. GM is also committed to building more trust to its own consumers by having special in-app offers and discounts. These can range from cheaper oil changes, accessory discounts, and, so much more!

Yes, Marketplace is designed to be used while driving, but it was also designed to be used safely. By analyzing your real-time data, Marketplace knows your usual stops and interactions with third-party merchants so you only receive offers suitable to your interests. While GM can’t speed up traffic, they can shave off some of your daily drive so you spend more time doing what you love.