Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jim Butler Chevrolet Goes To Bat for Fenton Athletic Association

Jim Butler Chevrolet Goes To Bat for Fenton Athletic Association as Part of Chevy Youth Baseball Initiative Sweeping Nation
Jim Butler Chevrolet provides Fenton Athletic Association with new equipment, monetary donation, instructional clinics; Additional funds via Chevy Vehicle Giveaway
Fenton (August 26, 2010) –  Jim Butler Chevrolet announced today it has invested its support in Fenton through a partnership with Fenton Athletic Association.  Jim Butler Chevrolet has provided baseball equipment, instructional clinics, a monetary donation, and an opportunity to raise an additional $10,000 in funds through a Chevy vehicle giveaway-fundraiser.  The effort by Jim Butler Chevrolet is part of the Chevy Youth Baseball initiative sweeping the nation from March through July 2010.
“Chevrolet has a long history with baseball at the national level.  We wanted to bring that excitement and commitment to youth baseball, in the communities where our customers and their families live,” said Brad Sowers, General Manager and Dealer for Jim Butler Chevrolet. “Youth baseball has always played an important role in Fenton so we are thrilled to support our kids in a meaningful way.”
Jim Butler Chevrolet will present Fenton Athletic Association with equipment kits complete with equipment bags, baseball buckets, dry-erase coach’s clipboards and Chevy Youth Baseball t-shirts.
In addition, a one-time monetary donation check will be presented by Jim Butler Chevrolet to Fenton Athletic Association.  The league also will have an opportunity to raise additional funds for their use as part of a Chevy Youth Baseball Fundraiser.  Sponsored leagues across the country will each receive 2,000 fundraiser entry tickets to distribute for a suggested donation, and the league will keep 100% of proceeds raised.  At the end of the fundraiser, there will be five winners of a Chevy Equinox or Chevy Malibu vehicle of choice (up to $30,000 in value), and in each participating market there will be a secondary prize of a home entertainment center valued at $1,000.
Chevrolet is recognized on the national level as the “Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball.”  “At some point, we hope the kids or their parents will consider a Chevrolet as an official vehicle of their household,” said Sowers.  “Our vehicles are ideal for transporting families, teams and their gear.”
Chevrolet has expanded its support of MLB to the youth baseball players in communities across the country through the Chevy Youth Baseball program. The Chevy Youth Baseball program began in Atlanta in 2006. Now in its fifth season, the grass roots initiative has activation in more than 20 states and seeks to establish a positive connection between local dealers and the communities they serve.   Since its beginning, more than $7 million dollars has been raised by Chevy for community youth baseball leagues.

Friday, August 6, 2010

All NEW 2011 Chevy Cruze-Eco model- Jim Butler Chevy

At the 2010 New York Auto Show, Chevrolet debuted another trim level for the upcoming Cruze sedan, the 40-mpg Eco model. Simliar to the XFE trimmed Chevy vehicles that produced better gas mileage, offered FlexFuel technology, and still maintained engine power, a combination of these new technologies allows the Cruze Eco to hit that lofty 40 MPG number. The really cool part is Chevy is planning on producing 70% of Cruzes with the the 1.4-liter variable-valve timing turbo I-4, which is the foundation for he Eco model. How does Chevy plan on using the same engine for 70% of the Cruzes without making 70% of the Cruzes the Eco model.....Well that is because the engine isn't the only tweak that helps this Chevy make the astounding MPGs.

To start the front fascia on the Eco has a new, wind tunnel-massaged front fascia complete with a first-in-class "Aero Shutter." The engine cooling air inlet area below the grill opens and shuts during different types of driving. During stop-and-go driving the aero shutter is open. However, at higher speeds (or highway speeds) when cooling the turbocharged engine isn't as much of an issue, the shutter shuts, allowing for a more efficient air stream and a lower drag coefficient.

There's also a slim lower chin spoiler and "tire blockers," which we typically call spats. Moving on to the rear, there's a new fascia back there that's also been wind tunnel tested for more reduced drag. Surface area is further decreased by lowering the car by 10 mm compared to other Cruzes. There's a full-body underpanel to keep air from getting hung up on stuff like the exhaust and suspension components, as well as ultra low resistance tires shared with the Volt. Finally, there's an ultra-tall 6th gear (the Cruze Eco is manual-only) that allows the rpms to greatly drop when the vehicle is at cruising speed.

As you may imagine, Chevy has also done its very best to reduce mass as much as possible, going to as far as to shave welds down by a millimeter. But here's the thing: while working on the body in white, Chevy discovered that the mass-saving measures they made to the Eco could easily be applied to other Cruze models, which means that the not-quite-yet-on sale Cruze will have across the board improved mileage. The Chevy Cruze should go on sale in the 3rd quarter of 2010 with the Eco making it out of the gate by the 4th quarter of this year.

Even though the Cruze is positioning itself as a high mileage vehicle, Chevrolet has made the decision not to totally decontent the Eco. According to Chevy, people's tastes are changing and they want high mileage vehicles to have lots of creature comforts. For instance, the Eco ships with 17-inch forged aluminum wheels.
[Source: Autoblog]

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We Won! Jim Butler Chevrolet wins the GM Mark of Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that Jim Butler Chevrolet has won the 2009 GM Mark of Excellence award. The Mark of Excellence is a special honor from General Motors that recognizes our excellent customer service, progressive growth in sales, and then it rates us against all other dealerships in our Region. This is not the first time Jim Butler Chevrolet of Saint Louis has one the award, in fact it is at least the 3 time and most importantly it is one of our personal goals at the dealership to win this great honor consecutively.
What the award means to the employees at Jim Butler Chevrolet?
The honor means that we have excelled past all the customer’s expectations and they have not only recognized this themselves but they have also voice their opinion in the customer service follow-up surveys. We’d like to congratulate every employee at Jim Butler Chevrolet on this achievement and thank all of our customers for their loyalty.