Friday, August 25, 2017

The Coming Rustle of Fall Leaves Calls the Off-Roader in You: Chevy Colorado's Prowess

Right here in Missouri, there are plenty of spots for off-road enthusiasts, and the days when fall looms in the future are some of the truly golden moments of the year. The days are still warm but not scorching, and each dirt trail you encounter is a chance for you to capture killer YouTube Footage with a GoPro, get fresh air with friends, and put your high-powered rig to the test. Not just for work and hauling, Chevy trucks are the perfect tool for the hours during which you can play, and the Colorado ZR2 has a hefty lineup in the very near future.

Selected to run in the 550-mile “Vegas to Reno” race, the production class pickup is running the stock 3.6-liter V6 engine, with shifting duties handled by an 8-speed automatic tranny. The suspension features a setup that has the unique spool guiding the Colorado through so many treacherous rides, and makes sure the driver can engage the next winding turn with ease. Featuring a roll bar and 44-gallon tank for the distance, Chevy says they are using the opportunity this event presents to test out a few new accessories, but has not yet announced what they will be.

In another continent far, far away, the truck we love to offer on the lot so much is being groomed for a very unique jaunt. The SuperUtes is launching in the outback regions of Australia next year, and Chevy has dibs on being one of the main suppliers of vehicles for the action. An 8-round schedule includes the Bathurst 1000, and the currently proposed calendar kicks off during the exciting and action-packed Supercars opening Adelaide 500. Some of the requirements for this race are that the used vehicles must be production based dual-twin cab setup, with rear wheel drive, and also have a manufacturer Turbo diesel engine.

An all-in price hovering around $100,000 per truck is the goal, and the Colorado ZR2 was deemed by Car and Driver as a model to “Take abuse with a shrug” and a “Potent crawler” when it comes to rocks and off-road challenges. For all of their use in the off-road division, the spool-valve dampers actually have the ability to perform at nearly their best capacity on pavement, which will help greatly if you want to remain stable and composed, while still being wholeheartedly at the wheel of a mean contender for rock-and-desert glory. As the cooler season approaches, let the sales and service staff at Jim Butler show you the many benefits of the Colorado ZR2: a high-performing vehicle that will curb your desire to drift over rock and river with the fervor of a well-versed journeyman! 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Record Setting and Righteously Stacked: Chevy Bolt at Top of Consumer Reports' Electric-Vehicle Range

St Louis is a metro area that is full of people who are working on deadlines, with very long to-do lists and multiple meeting reminders. Those in the financial sector, teachers, innovators of tech, and students are all commuting to and from their destinations at all hours of the day. When all-electric vehicles first were a distant blip on the horizon, big city dwellers, for the most part, did not have their hopes up high. If the distance that any vehicle was able to go was not that far, the excitement and novelty of the idea seemed to wear off quickly, and many stages of innovation, as well as testing, were needed.

Reaching 250 miles on a single charge, we are proud of the Bolt: it set the winning mark for the all-electric vehicle range in Consumer Reports' testing. In the electric-vehicle range test, the Bolt was pitted against the 2016 Tesla Model S 75D, which ran out of power at 235 miles, and the Bolt victoriously chugged on for another 15 miles. It should be noted that the Tesla Model X 90D has been upgraded to a longer-range 100D, and while it is true that this would probably beat out the Bolt, the cost usually boils down to the very lofty six-figure range.
The ways in which Consumer Reports tests cars involve many different types of driving, but the majority of it is a steady 65 mph on a highway. To ensure accuracy and a well-rounded result, testing is usually completed with the air conditioning and heater off. It's not just the range alone that deems the Bolt such an honored contestant: its very quiet cabin, as well as the agility factor rendered it excellent for commuters looking to plug in and help bolster the environment. Built around a large 60-kWh batter pack situated under the car's floor, a full charge takes around 9 hours.

You'll easily be able to seat 2 in the front, and 3 in the rear, and be pulling your power from a 200-hp electric engine. The presence of a 10.2-inch touchscreen is stellar for a car on the smaller side such as this, and an 8.0-inch digital gauge cluster that faces the driver for convenience. With the arrival of the Chevy Bolt, the electric car as a whole reaches a champion milestone, and a large jump to widespread appeal. The fact that electric cars have navigated the trenches with enough value and deep roots to appeal to consumers is here to stay, and even If Tesla suffers a treacherous fate, customers are now poised and ready. There is going to come a day when the EV market is ripe enough that consumers will care about far more than mileage and cost, and when it arrives, the Bolt has laid the acceptable amount of groundwork to evoke a very polished shine.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Award-Winning Vehicle for “Whatever Life Brings”: Chevy Equinox

The various types of customers that come talk to us at Jim Butler are in different stages of life, work, and their own jovial pursuit of happiness. Along with this pursuit comes questions about the new city they have just moved to, and we've quickly learned just how passionate St Louis residents are about food. The St Louis metro has always had deep roots in the culinary realm: so much that residents from smaller towns, other cities, and neighboring states come in droves to check out the offerings here. If you've just been equipped with a great new vehicle from us, here's one great place where you can choose to celebrate.

Charlie Gitto's on the hill has been billed as “Beautiful, Romantic, and Ambient”. Dishes such as Tomato Mozzarella Salad, Lobster Spaghetti, and Calamari Fritti are all old-country staples that won't disappoint. Some reviewers on Trip Advisor have called it “The best service they ever had”, and you'll be dying to get in the door and sample a scrumptious Cannoli. A St Louis staple that really lives up to its reputation, it is a dim-lit and star-studded appeal to your vital senses. Try a house favorite like the Veal Limoneada, and Carrot Cake for dessert: this is one of those dining experiences that is truly unforgettable.

When you pull up to a fine restaurant like this, you'll want to arrive in pure style. The brand-new Chevy Equinox was the 2016 Top Safety Pick Midsize SUV, courtesy of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Awards. The IIHS is an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization heartily dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries on the road. The Equinox was also ranked the “Highest Ranked SUV in Initial Quality” in a tie, two years in a row, from industry expert J.D. Power.

The Chrome-accented dual port grille and halogen projector-beam headlights are two of the first details you notice, and the sound of the dual exhaust clues you in to its durability and performance aspect. Ask us about the Premier trim: it adds 18-inch custom-styled aluminum wheels to assure that your ride is comfortable and delegated from a perfect tread's perspective. The multi-flex sliding rear seat quickly goes back, to provide for you a grand total of 39.9 inches of rear leg room for those in the back on a long haul.

Safety features such as Available Forward Collision Alert allow you to always be a step ahead of the game, and Rear Vision Camera is one of the best new ways to remain alert and attentive while backing up. Backing out of the driveway is when numerous accidents occur, and while this technology is no replacement for a quick walk around the vehicle, it absolutely saves lives. With 6 standard air bags and a very high-strength steel safety cage, if something happens and you do have to withstand an impact, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that hours of research and development were necessary to create the newest Equinox.

Siri Eyes Free allows compatible iPhone users the ability to have limited hands-free interaction, which will help no matter what your final destination is for your evening or dinner plans! Chevrolet MyLink offers navigation and full GPS guidance, as well as weather and traffic updates to use during your route planning. You'll be able to pull down up to 31 MPG on the highway while driving the new Equinox, and ask us how an exciting upgrade to the available 3.6-L V6 engine will allow for up to 3500 lbs of towing power. You'll also get up to 60 MPH in 6.7 seconds, and know that you'll be pulling up to the soccer game or job site in one of the most prime and properly-equipped vehicles out there today.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

GM Doing Big in the Best of Ways: Arrival of The 2018 Chevy Traverse

Last week was the official announcement regarding the price and stock of the 2018 Chevy Traverse: Customers can check out specs, configure or build their own, and price the awesome new machine at When summer soon turns to fall, there are tons of fun things to see and do in St. Louis, giving you no shortage of inspiration to load up your best friends and revel in the seasonal cooldown. Outdoor spots downtown such as 360 provide outdoor fire pits, refreshing drinks, and great views of nearby Cardinals Stadium. City Garden is just west of the Old Courthouse, and another prime place to view interesting sculptures and the coming seasonal change.

Enjoying a fresh and functional overhaul as of late, the new Traverse offers maximum cargo space, and more overall passenger space than the Highlander, Pilot, or Explorer. Up to eight can fit Snugly inside, and the list of convenience, storage, and comfort features has frown considerably. There are more trim choices than before: L, LS, and LT as well as Premier, Sporty RS, and High Country are all up for grabs as options to improve your driving experience. There's even a new"Redline" package that will also be available on Premier, evoking a more blacked-out appearance, and appealing red accents.

You'll love the convenience and east feel the Enhanced Smart Slide provides: it gives you quick access to the third row, even when there's a child seat in place. USB charging is present in all three passenger rows, and Teen Driver technology lends a hand for the group of drivers that may need extra guidance and prevention techniques. The Rear Vision Camera is present to allow you to fully scope your backup zone before proceeding, and has saved many lives over the course of its existence.

The Traverse has the best-in-class max cargo volume of 98.2 cubic feet, and ultra-useful underfloor cargo storage totaling 3.2 cubic feet. Center Console size is way above average, and altogether there are 23 storage spots throughout for passengers in each row. With active noise cancellation and automatic tri-zone climate control, the sound as well as weather factors will not disturb you too much if you to snooze a bit while in the passenger seat.

Surround Vision Cameras provide a view from above the entire vehicle, which will ease your mind while in reverse, parking, or hauling heavy goods. Ask us when you come visit about the Premier and High Country trim, with included heated and ventilated leather- trimmed seats for comfort, as well as heated second-row outboard seats. Many advancements have been made in the SUV realm as of late, and we love how the Traverse is apologetically large: there are those times during which your cargo cannot roll with "compact!"

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Corvette + Car and Driver: Two of the Surest Things In the Biz

Seven Generations of high-speed excitement have stemmed from the creation of one of the finest automobiles on earth. The very first Corvette model was introduced at the GM Motorama in 1953, at the time just a budding concept at the forefront of what would later become a wildly popular and exciting vehicle. The first production of the Corvette was on June 30, 1952, and was often referred to as the "solid-axle" model type. 300 hand-built convertible models were produced for that year, with 10 times that number being built the following year.

The V-8 engine was finally paired with the 'Vette in 1955, and optimism remained a bit cautious, because of some remaining stock that had not yet sold from from the previous year. The quicker engine allowed the 0-60 mph time to be improved by 1.5 seconds, and a new body began to be conceptualized for the following year's release. The tail lamp fins disappeared on the '56 Corvette models, and the following year, an optional fuel inject system was made available. The engine during this year was one of the first mass-produced engines to reach the 1bhp threshold, and an advertising campaign was built around the notion that "one hp per cubic inch" was incorporated regarding the small-block engine.

Selected as the pace car for the Indy 500 thirteen times, the sporty and stylish Corvette has also been chosen by many St. Louis residents who want to own a piece of the most illustrated and classic car history there is. Famed pilot Chuck Yeager himself cruised out driving one in 1986 in Indianapolis, greeted by the cheering of many fans who were thrilled to see the race after a rained-out event the previous weekend. Two years ago, the Corvette Racing C7.R took class victories at both the 24 Hours of LeMans, and the 24 Hours of Daytona competitions.

Owned by Hearst Magazines, Car and Driver is the slightly irreverent monthly publication that provides readers with honest reviews and information about what's available and ready to roll. If there are specific models out there that are simply not cutting it, this is one honest and knowledgeable publication that will be up front about letting readers in the know. Having so much investigative power can be productive and game-changing: they have even been at the forefront of blowing the cover off of false claims made by manufacturers about engine power.

They included the 'Vette as one of their 2017 10Best, as well as the legendary and high-performing Camaro. Each year for more than 3 decades, they have put cars through thousands of miles of evaluation, to cross the finish line within their yearly list of the tops as far as cars sold in the States. Cars costing under $80,000 are the prime focus, and have stellar offerings in various categories. The vehicles that are finally nominated must offer good value, excel at their mission, and an overall pleasurable driving experience.

When you come to talk to us about getting set up in a brand new Corvette, you'll be gazing down upon a machine that kicks out 465 lb-ft of Max Torque, and nails down an EPA-Estimated 26 MPG on the highway. Available in convertible as well as coupe, and with a myriad of personalized options, there's bound to be a perfect Corvette to satisfy anyone with a deep passion for sports cars, and love of heart-pounding excitement.