Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Arrival of A Salacious Steel Contender: 2018 Chevy Corvette ZR1

During 2016, the Grand Sport Manual boasted a nice array of carbon-ceramic brake rotors, a well-upgraded suspension, and a bit Challenger-esque of a look that begged to be bargained with. Nothing situated at its price point even came close to the numbers for performance that cooked up, although the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 very definitely gave it a run for its money in many ways. Rising on up to 60 MPH in 3.9 seconds placed it high enough on the totem pole to exist as many though righteously at the top of the performance value on the market. From directly under the Arch or anywhere else in the city, this beast will immediately give you many reasons to believe it's prowess in being selected by Car and Driver for their 2017 Best Of list.

Since the Dodge Hellcat line broke the 700-HP ceiling, the announcement of the 2018 Corvette ZR1 should make 750 or so horsepower a lofty and roaring goal that any car would be proud to achieve. The addition of larger intercoolers and valuable air courtesy of the Eaton supercharger will add to the already certain-to-be dominant ZR1. Visually, the peeks that have been released as of this time look like a modern treat to behold that no enthusiast would be disappointed with: it is rumored to be offered in either coupe or convertible body style choices. To keep the ZR1 aligned with the ultimate vision of a futuristic Corvette, Learjet catalogs were looked at in great detail, and the silver streak of a finished component looks awesome to behold. Other inside sources claim that there will be a choice of seven-speed Tremec manual transmission, and GM's patented 8-speed automatic.

The manual element alone should excite many:  even though we know that it is not the same supercharged category, cars like the Chevy Malibu are only offering an automatic. Even though the Malibu is of the sedan variety, it's a sign of the times that many are choosing to stay safe with shift capacity, and having the ability to open up and command the road the way you want will sell many on this world-class creation immediately. The date of the final arrival of the ZR1 has not yet been announced, but the staff here at Jim Butler Chevy is eager and ready.

On location at the Milford, Michigan proving ground, this seventh-generation Corvette is in the final throes of its testing, and the upgrades in chassis and powertrain are going to work overtime to turn heads. This by far promises to be the fastest Corvette ever in existence, and should charge past the 200 MPH mark quite easily. We know for a fact that the miles you'll put on this will be some of the best you've ever racked up in your life, and this release is going to truly bookmark the end of a powerful legacy. It has been an experience looking forward to our opportunity to have in stock what is sure to be one of the most epic cars of all time, and a true legend for any race-hungry motorists in Missouri.