Thursday, February 15, 2018

2018 Chevy Traverse RS: Spacious Style, and the Rewards of Thinking Big

During the winter months at Jim Butler Chevy, many of our blog readers may be trying to visualize snippets about what our daily regimen is like. They may have the notion that we are huddling around the meeting table trying to keep warm, arguing over who has current snow shoveling duty, and maybe having ample amounts of time on our hands. While this is a humorous way to picture things, it is actually not true! The winter is a time when we work hard to focus on new financing options, talk about features of new models as they arrive on the lot, and are preparing to assist folks on test drives for those deciding which vehicle is best for their needs.

One of the most versatile and show-stealing vehicles out there is the brand new Chevy Traverse RS. Much of its value is due to its full product lineup, which positions the vehicle to be viable competition across the entire SUV genre. The street-inspired look is a visceral selling point, and a more connected vehicle for all lifestyles is brought to life with aggressive new styling. Drivers from all walks of life here in St Louis will find the Traverse RS a functional and reliable addition to their daily life. Putting to use the overall concept based on the redesigned 2018 Traverse, the RS provides 98.2 cubic feet of cargo room, more high-tech options than the previous model, and an enhanced list of safety features, offering the optimum in daily protection for you and your passengers during every drive.

A vehicle that truly reaps the benefits of thinking big, the Traverse has a wheelbase that is a full two inches longer than the previous model, and provides more headroom and legroom for the second and third-row riders. This is an impressive feat, considering that the last version had the claim of having one of the most spacious cabins in its class. One feature that really helps the RS stand out in the crowd from other current offerings is the awesome new black window trim, accompanied by a black grille, roof nails, and bowtie emblems, as well as a 20-inch aluminum wheel set featuring an icily dark Android hue.

Whenever a model is the first to display a certain production trait, it can help drastically in its overall appeal to others, and really set itself aside from various selections in the current lineup. The RS is the very first model in the Traverse family that features turbocharged performance, which is the key to its high-spirited and very robust-off-the-line driving experience. The design team behind the scenes has successfully wrapped the 2018 Traverse in sheet metal, which gives gives it a more squared-off appearance, as well as working to complement the 351 pounds of weight that have been shed.

This success in weight loss effectively helps bring the Traverse RS down to the same category as fiercely-battling competitors such as the Toyota Highlander, as well as the Pilot. When you link up with us here at Jim Butler for a test drive, check out the keyless entry feature: it will surely add some balance and calm to your hectic schedule, as well as the ability to enter the car easily during the days where you are running fearfully late!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

High-Speed Contender's Report: 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Smokes Famed Ford GT

Back East in Virginia, they have been enduring the same type of temps and weather that we have, and are admittedly ready for the spring to come roaring in with a fervor. With its promise of better temps, budding trees, and roads without many weather issues, this is a time when cars that are able to really handle the track get popular. The Virginia International Speedway has long been a proving grounds for some of the best drivers in the nation, and has hosted high-octane events such as the Pirelli World Challenge, MotoAmerica Championship of Virginia, and Grassroots Motorsports Magazine sponsored Hyperfest Tire Rack Car Challenge. Recently chosen by Car and Driver Magazine as one of the top six road courses in the nation, it is the scene where many drivers attempt to set records, and really push their vehicles hard.

Last year, the Ford GT set a record for a production lap here, and all of us at Jim Butler are proud to say that our 2019 Corvette ZR1 completed the task of leaving that record in the dust! Driver Jim Mero was taking the 755-hp 6.2-liter supercharged V8 out for a very Earthshaking spin, and clocked a time of 2:37.25 for the 4.1-mile circuit. Beating out the GT's time by a razor-sharp 1.37 seconds, this is an achievement that everyone here at Jim Butler was very excited for. Both the Ford and the Chevy were cars of showroom spec grade, with no extra enhancements for performance.

The ZR1 did have the addition of the ZTK Performance Package, which offers summer-only tires, a tune for the suspension that is focused on track ability, and a downforce-producing aero kit. There are some rumors floating around that GM is hard at work developing another supercar, which may have the duty of ultimately replacing the 'Vette. Even if this does happen to be true, Road and Track were bowled over enough by the ZR1's performance that they heralded it as “the fastest street car GM has ever made”, and the absolute “True King of the Hill”. One characteristic that is notable to anyone during their first glace is the two gaping openings in front of the cover, that both work overtime to extrude the hot air which seeps from the engine bay.

This is also the very first dual-injection system put into use by GM, which definitely paves the way for production of 755 horsepower, 715 lb-ft of torque. Both versions of the ZR1's available rear wings are bolted down firmly to the chassis, bearing a bit of resemblance to the racing edition Corvette C7R. The claimed top speed is around 201 miles per hour in this quick pony, and the 355 section rear tires provide a sense of stability for handling on any type of track.

The ZR1 is also the car with the most carbon fiber inside of any GM vehicle, and any experienced driver will immediately notice the revolutionary ways in which weight is distributed. Since those who are masters on the track really love to detail every step of their progress, check out the Performance Data Recorder: it can log your every single move for later scrutiny, while you learn the finer points of mastering the demanding track!