Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Year's Truck Trounce: The Chevy Colorado 4WD LT's Midsize Mastery

New Year's is a time when reflecting on the past year's successes, the coming year's dreams, and spending it with favorite friends sit high on the priority list. Right here in St Louis, there are several rockin' events to make sure you ring in the New Year's properly, and blow off some well-deserved steam in the process. The Hyatt Regency St Louis at the Arch is featuring their yearly New Year's Eve party: Groovethang and Dr Zhivegas will take the stage, and a full dinner buffet, party favors, as well as confetti drop at midnight will liven up the event. Ballpark Village is another great location to party, where you can mingle among multiple bars and restaurants, and enjoy live music as well as platinum access tickets that include a foot buffet.

As 2018 is just around the corner and many new truck models are making their way to us from the North Pole and beyond, our customers have been sharing with us their choice qualities about the trucks they love the most. LA Times writer Charles Fleming was selected to put the Colorado Redline 4WD LT to the test with some long-range drives, and was happy with the result. During reflections on the ways that most 2017 trucks felt in terms of height, he wrote, “Climbing into the driver's seat requires a stepladder or running leap”. The Ford F-150 is one of the most revved-up rivals of the Colorado, and it sits at around exactly two inches taller; the lower height of the Colorado makes for a snap in a hasty climbing on board.

Whether you are surveying new land, hauling goods all day, or taking part in some much needed off-road exploration, this truck billed by Car And Driver as a “Swiss Army Truck”is Grade-A practical, even when in a pinch. On the 2018 model, heated exterior mirrors and Active Tow are available. Active Tow does a standout job of lending a very high-tech hand while aligning the pickup in reverse, and is one of the coolest features we've seen in awhile. With Cargo tie-down rings, electric power steering, and a fully boxed frame for a smooth ride, you know that for any daily drive, that the Colorado has your back.

We'd love to have you as our guest on the lot at Jim Butler over the holidays, when you can also check out the commemorative editions of the Colorado! Since 100 years is a big deal in any book, you'll score tough and ready 18-inch wheels, crew cab, 3.6-liter V-6, all-wheel drive, and standard box. Highly configurable and available with a trim for every occasion, ask us about the truck that is so high on the practicality factor: the coming year's Colorado could do just as well squeezing into a huge retail parking lot as it can conquering the wide-open wild. We'll be here whenever you need us, and our sales + service staff wish you and yours the best of holidays. Get excited about the roar of new engines, wide array of features, and great financing options we can provide for the coming year! 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Need A Cup Of Coffee? Your Chevy Has An App For That

St. Louisans spend an average of 47 minutes on the road to and from their jobs daily. While that’s a few minutes below the national average, almost an hour of your day on the road adds up after a while.

GM has committed to making your commute as simple as possible not only through comfortable, fuel-efficient vehicles, but through technological features as well as developing Marketplace.

Marketplace is a unique feature on your vehicle’s dash which allows you to order a variety of both food and other goods with the press of a button. You can order a fresh cup of coffee, pick up a bite from the drive-thru or schedule a nicer reservation for a big event, and even find the nearest gas station should you find yourself running low.

The purpose of market place is simple, to build a stronger bond between consumers and their trusted brands while taking the stress off their daily drives. GM is also committed to building more trust to its own consumers by having special in-app offers and discounts. These can range from cheaper oil changes, accessory discounts, and, so much more!

Yes, Marketplace is designed to be used while driving, but it was also designed to be used safely. By analyzing your real-time data, Marketplace knows your usual stops and interactions with third-party merchants so you only receive offers suitable to your interests. While GM can’t speed up traffic, they can shave off some of your daily drive so you spend more time doing what you love.

Then And Now: The Story Of The Corvette.

Few mass-production vehicles are capable of turning heads on the highway like the Chevrolet Corvette. From its birth sixty years ago, the Corvette came off of the assembly line stone cold stunner.

While they certainly don’t resemble Corvettes of today, the first generation laid the groundwork for many high-performance vehicles to come. 

Back in 1957, cars were starting to feature bigger, fuel-injected engines and more standout exterior features like oversized fins. The Chevrolet Corvette was no exception. The first generation Corvette came in two packages, the 579E Airbox Package, and the 684 Heavy-Duty Suspension Package. 

The Airbox Package featured a special sealed air-intake system which drew cooler air from the front of the engine compartment, which helped the vehicle run stronger during long races. There were only 43 Airbox Package models produced, so if you witness one in person, consider yourself very fortunate. 

It just goes to show that Chevrolet’s strive for innovation continues to push more boundaries and further raise the bar. We cannot wait to see what the Corvette will offer us another sixty years down the road!    

Here We Come A' Caroling: 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Key Details

There wasn't much more that we needed to get extremely excited for the holidays other than the news announced at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show recently. This was the time and place that Chevy announced the brand new ZR1 variant, which is going to have the almighty claim of the fastest production Corvette ever made. It's scheduled to go on sale during spring of 2018, and we just wanted to key you in on some of the details. Since the very first generation in 1953, the 'Vette has been an iconic symbol of excellent craftsmanship, agility, and flair. Here among the staff at Jim Butler in St Louis, one of our favorite moments took place in 2012: During the Indianapolis 500, Guy Fieri showcased the very first Corvette C6 ZR1 pace car.

Under the hood is a wildly powerful engine: The GM LT5 is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 making 755 horsepower, as well as dishing up 715 lb-ft of torque. The true thrill addicts out there will love that there is a 7-speed manual transmission available, as well as it is the first time that an 8-speed paddle-shift automatic is offered. Getting from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds, it will be not by any means coming from “the slower side” of the camp.

The ZTK Performance Package is where things really get exciting, especially for anyone who wants the frequent trek to the track. Here is where you get to nab great additives like Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires, carbon fiber and caps, an enhanced front air splitter, and a much higher rear wing. Closely-taut adjustments to the chassis and Magnetic Ride Control that is optimized for cornering are other features this breakneck-speed lover's upgrade will leave you equipped with.

Even in the base from, it will be simple to discern the ZR1 from any other Corvette in the C7 genre. Massive vents and spoilers are part of the raw and modern characteristics had here, and the nicely untamed appearance they provide is actually a useful element that creates downforce. This provides the opportunity for better grip, even at the highest-octane of speeds. There is an option for an available high wing that creates 950 lbs of downforce, allowing for the maximum amount of grip for the turns of any demanding track.

Even though we are getting to the time of year where colder temperatures have temporary control of the calendar, lowering the top is one of the features you can look forward to: for the first time since the original ZR1 in 1970, the convertible option is there for the instances where the kiss of the sun is necessary. The brand legend is truly “living on” as far as the Corvette is concerned: we could not be more excited about 2019's version of this valiant track and road contender!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

2018 Camaro Spotlight: Redline Looks Boost SS V8's Primo Performance

Since that glorious day back in 1966 when the very first Camaro went on sale, fans of muscle and pony cars were delighted. The truest and most raw competitor to the Ford Mustang was avidly born, and scores of drivers here in St Louis worked overtime to make sure one of these beauties was parked in their garage. Track-conquering successes and fierce good looks were massive appeal factors for the Camaro, and all year during 2017, people were asking us what we thought of next year's model. The very experienced drivers that work so hard putting out the Road Show magazine and blog weighed in on their thoughts about the new Camaro this month, and had plenty of praise for it.

Seasoned writer Jon Wong drove one extensively for his review, and was impressed immediately with the 6.2-liter V8 that produces 455 horsepower, and 455 lb. -ft. of torque, paired with a six-speed manual transmission. He deemed the rev-matching function as “excellent”, and enjoyed the rev-matching function by means of steering-wheel paddle. We are also more than excited about the beefy 20-inch Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 run-flat tires. The wide rubber grip helps with stockpiling needed power for the initial off-the-line surge, part of the thrill-generating stature that Camaros have been so well-known for.

Wong reflected that the new Camaro SS is great for “bombing around back roads”, and that the Brembo brakes with 4-piston front and rear calipers are highly responsive, as well as more than able to slow the weighty SS down. Many people who are looking into a devilishly fast sports car such as this are worried about how it does on the daily drive: we know it is fast and furious, but how is it on the slower, more grinding daily commute? Toggling to touring setting offers a more comfortable and paced ride, with a noticeable lightening up in the steering, and trusty compliance in regards to suspension. Even the larger bumps you may run into on your journey won't seem as punishing to occupants, and the smoothing-out factor will be noticeable while slinking through droves of commuters.

You can ask the knowledgeable staff here at Jim Butler about the Redline package: you get to nab super-cool blacked out features in the name of decklid decal, dark finish tail lamps, bowtie emblems, mirrors, and 20-inch aluminum wheels. Front fender decals see some red accents, and you'll immediately notice a bit more attitude off the bat. Once you look inside the new Camaro, the nicer materials strike you right away, and the option for heated steering wheel is a comfort to those driving when temperatures drop during Missouri winters.

The Chevy MyLinks system doles out the Infotainment options, touting an 8-inch touchscreen, as well as the reins to a 9-speaker Bose audio system. The available navigational system will get you to your destination promptly and accurately, and there are plentiful USB ports to keep any of your desired gadgets fully juiced. The 2018 Camaro is one of those cars that will always have a namesake on the track: upgrading as well as upholding a champion brand is demanding, and we are positive that the newest version will measure up to the highest breed of motor fanatic's liking!