Thursday, December 20, 2012

Employee Spotlight- Lorenta Swearengen

Lorenta Swearengen is a service technician at Jim Butler Chevrolet. He's been giving Jim Butler customers exceptional car service for the past year and a half. Lorenta was born in St. Louis, but didn't stick around long. He considers himself an "army brat", having moved from home to home across the country with his favorite stop being in Hinesville, Georiga. Mr. Swearengen is a motivated and busy man. He juggles being a student at UMSL and a father of one with top-notch vehicle service. Lorenta recently received his bachelor's degree in business administration and is anticipating going back for a masters degree in human resources. After that, the sky's the limit! 

When Lorenta isn't busy working or taking classes, he enjoys taking his son to the St. Louis Zoo and watching St. Louis Rams football games.

Favorite vehicles of the past and present:

Past- '69 Buick Rivera 

Present- Pontiac G8

Favorite saying: "Live everyday like your last"

*And starting the first week of January 2013, Lorenta and our other service technicians will be on site to do super quick vehicle alignments as well as FREE alignment checks. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information regarding our quick alignment service in the near future.