Thursday, January 26, 2012

Employee Spotlight - Tracy Hankins

Tracy Hankins is our Controller at Jim Butler Imports and Jim Butler Chevrolet. She originally started with Jim Butler Auto Group's Saturn locations about 14 years ago. Tracy was born and raised in the St. Louis Area. There is actually a funny story about her first car buying experience.

When Tracy was still in college looking to buy her first new car, she shopped all over with her dad. They drove all over St. Louis but ended up buying her New 1991 Chevy Cavalier from the dealer that treated him right, Jim Butler Chevrolet on Watson Road. Who would have known that she would end up working at Jim Butler Chevrolet a few years later?

Since Tracy oversees a lot of the behind the scenes work at two Jim Butler stores, she is often spending a lot of time at the dealerships. When she isn't at work, she really likes to enjoy her kids. She is married with two boys and a girl. Their favorite thing to do is explore the parks all over the St. Louis Area, especially hiking trails less traveled. Tracy can always be found rooting for the home team no matter how good or bad they are doing. Finally, reading has become something that she rarely has time for but she does love reading, particularly the "Harry Potter" series.

Favorite cars of past and present - Tracy doesn't necessarily have a favorite vehicle of the past, but she did have a blast last summer when she got to take home a New 2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible SS.

Saying to live by "Where ever you are, be there"