Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 Chevy Blazer Billed by NOQ Report as “A Home Run” and “Visually Stunning”

Everyone here on staff at Jim Butler of St Louis loves to explore new vehicles for ourselves, and let all of our customers know the reasons why we think they would be a good fit for their needs. The tech-savvy and knowledgeable crew at the NOQ Report blog was righteously excited about the new Chevy Blazer over the past week, which they claimed is the “most visually stunning SUV Chevy has released in years.” You can see the video from Chevy here, which does a great job of detailing the various trims and features.

One of the best elements of the Premium trim is the leather and sueded microfiber that adds a very luxurious feel, and it has been amazing and exciting to see the progression of upgrades in general. Just two decades ago, it seemed that the Italian brands that existed among other luxury icons that were financially out of reach for the everyday buyer were the only way to get truly lavish features in the interior. Taking the design aesthetics to a new level was one of the reasons customers really started to be excited about the new Blazer, and the appearance that seems a bit more from the car camp will be appreciated by many.

Many with any type of stake in the auto industry knew that it was only a matter of time before features such as the in-vehicle report card would be put to use: gone are the days where your teen could “sneak away” untracked. Owners even get an alert when the music Is playing too loud, just in case a severe uptick in the decibel factor is on the “not approved” list. Some of the customers that come here to talk to us let us know that they feel Chevy already has plenty of SUV options, and we can understand that sentiment. The Blazer is one of those vehicles that everyone from the avid camper to busy rock drummer favored after its creation: when you look at early models circa 1979, you can just feel the freedom from the concrete jungle oozing from every square inch.

The NOQ Report staff agreed that “naysayers can complain all they want about the crowded segment, but Chevy has knocked it out of the park with the 2019 Blazer.” We are large fans here of the original GMC S-15 Jimmy 2-door: it did not feature removable hardtops, but was truly part of the iconic build style that evoked the fun and go-anywhere spirit that is the Blazer's essence. It was one of the first vehicles to exist that had a somewhat tight and car-like driving sensation, but offered room in the back that was a hauler and transporter's dream.

We always love heartily the possibilities that open themselves up to anyone with a wayfarer's dream and a roadmap, after quickly throwing in a tent and sleeping bag or two. The spirit of wanderlust is still stoking Blazer owners nationwide, and don't think for a minute that this is just an urban explorer: just as the sure coming of spring, the Missouri wild will be beckoning to you in no time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Fast Lane Has a Blast With the 2019 Chevy Bolt During L.A. Auto Show

Nathan Adlen has been on the beat covering the newest and most interesting developments in the auto industry for quite some time, and over the past week, he spent a good chunk of it driving a Chevy Bolt during the Los Angeles auto show. His first reflection was that it was “brilliant, and proves that it's a viable transportation alternative.” Part of what gives the car outstanding in-city performance is the power source: the 60 kWh Lithium-ion battery properly fires up the Chevy Bolt with 200 horsepower, and 266 lb-ft of torque.

You usually don’t think of the word “takeoff” when talking about a car with electric power, and all of us here at Jim Butler Chevy are very proud of the way in which precise engineering and development have played a part in making the off-the-line element more exciting. 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds is phenomenal for an electric car, and the Bolt lives up to that stat regardless of temperature or elevation. While on his journey, Nathan used Evgo and ChargePoint chargers in Los Angeles, Ventura/Camarillo, and Orange County. He was a bit anticipant for the days when there will be even more chargers out there, and he was using the 240-volt level 2 variety.

Just a few hours time usually topped him off, and during a 180-mile drive, a paid parking area offered Level 2 charging as well. Nathan couldn't stop raving about the acceleration ability, and claimed that this is as good as it gets for a smaller car: passing others on the highway was a cinch. The Bolt's well-balanced suspension setup is very smooth on the highway, and putting the “L” mode to use will give you the best range, with aggressive recharging and rapid slowing as soon as you let off the accelerator. The very useful tire alert feature is new for 2019, and beeps at you rapidly when it's full.

Nathan has been reviewing cars from the cheapest to the most prestigious for years, and has experienced everything from wrecking yards, garages, racetracks, and professional auto testing during his career. After having the pleasure of driving so many gas-powered vehicles during his days, he still astutely claimed that the Bolt provides a future that all drivers can look forward to, and a change for the world that will be thrilling to embrace. The Bolt is the vehicle that the Car and Driver staff called “satisfying, prompt, and solid”, filling a need that has long existed in the American (as well as international) landscape.

The testers on duty at the website spoke highly of the way the drivetrain communicates its power in regards to the new Bolt and praised its very significant accomplishment in the torque steer department to boot. Come down to visit us during this New Year's season to check out the best option in existence for electric driving, and let us show you the many different ways in which it outdoes the competition!